Friday, 27 January 2012


assalamualaikum. .
hey bloggers , yeay ! akhirnyaa siap gakk blog wanie ny ;) actly lama daa wad blog nie tapi sekarang baru rasa nak giat aktifkan . hehe ~ err today kan wanie nak story mori sikit about my life routine okay . enjoy my story . OKAY. today im just study account and mathematic . just that wanie study what a freaking bad lahh . you need to study lahh wanie but why always you wanna study at home facebook yang begitu menggoda sangat . wahh syaitan punya godaan . okay is everything about my future . my husband , my children future .  okay im not tell you all about my future husband . i just want to remind you all about study is not about you want to face an examinations . but study because you need it in your life . the wish that you want have to correct first . ehh ? why i write my blog in english wehh ? a okay i wanna to improve in my english subject . i know my english is very worst at all subject . how i gonna improve that ? okay just read more english book ohh so bored la wehh . no way okay .  so how ? i want to surf internet and find a quotes that i like and  intrested in it . thats the way i can do . and just read excellence essay . ohh actually my english lannguage is not so worst but i think my GRAMMAR .oh damn wehh . not good at all . sepatutnya , grammar nih you dah expert time form 1 lagi kot . but however MUET examination already past . ;(ALHAMDULILLAH my reasult not so bad :D . 

okay lets talking what happen to me this year ? ya Allah , i have been shocked at all situations that happened to me . oh no . i never dream to be like this . 
humm , u know what , seriously wanie sangat2 lah malas nak study kat matrik nie . rasa macam nak MAIN and go on with my enjoy life . but , bila fikirkan balik , i need to study to make all my wish comes true ;) rite ? come on wanie , change your attitude ! (i will try) INSYAALLAH ~

haaa , attitude ape eyh ? ;) ngee ~

and last luahan hati wanie is i love my family damn much. you all make me happy than what you have seen . mom , dad , i love you . thanks because be my backbone in my life . mwwahhhhx . i will try to make them happy  . hope Allah bless them forever . AMIN . 

bubbyeee  ., and psst .. pray for my UJIANPERTNGAHANSEMESTER :). 4FLAT <3

thank you .  .

-sekian- HUNNYWUNNY<3

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  1. saye kenal awaa tahun lepas 2013. awa ade ngn saye sampai 2015.. :) saye nk kenal awa yg dulu :) skrg awa da besar