Tuesday, 14 August 2012

sometime i think that i was nobody :'(

malam ni wanie rasea sedeyy sanad , ITS WAS HURT WHEN I SEE YOU WITH ANOTHER GIRL . i have nothing . i feel so empty and want to kill myself . astarfirullahalazimmm ! napea wanie jadi mcm niee , :'( wanie tak kuad , ya ALLAH tabahkan hati hamba mu ini . bila wanie tgk muka dya senyumm , wanie rasa happy sgt , tapi bila wanie tgk muka dya dgn perempuan lain , ya ALLAH , hati rasa hancurr , sakit sgt sampai air mata mngalir tibeaII . sometime i think that you more happy with another girl , you smile with her , sit besides her and make me feel that im nothing , :'(

 im just ordinary girl that have nothing to give you . i dont have a pretty face , i dont have a good attitude and actuallly i have NOTHING . sometime when i feel upset with you i try to hangout with other guy , make a date and try to make another boyprend that i think can make me forget you but why my mind always think about you , its so sad , :'( i also have friends that really i love , i trust and i hope she will always be besides me when i needed , but its was really dissapointed  when she lie to me , i  feel like i just a toys that people can get it when they need and throw away like a rubbish when dont need it , :'( all people around me always make me cry , i dont have anybody else to tell and story , i need someone that can be beside me hold my arms lend me shoulder when i was sad , :'( hope you find another girl ,  i pray that you not mine and never know you . the end